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Anne Boni

Anne Boni

"FLP has alleviated many of our issues both mentally & physically, giving comfort to everyone. Thank you”.

Anne’s daughter, acting as Power of Attorney for mum reached out to us after being referred by one of our existing clients. At the time, Anne was in respite care after selling her former home and was seeking advice on moving into Permanent Residential Aged Care.

As the process of moving into Aged Care can be an extremely complicated and an emotional one, we were able to simplify this and determine the best way for Anne to pay for her Accommodation and the ongoing fees at her preferred facility. As Aged Care Accredited Advisers, FLP worked closely with Anne’s Power of Attorney to help navigate through all the available options.

Our advice saw Anne maximise her Centrelink entitlements, ensure there was enough cashflow to meet the Daily Fees, and invest the leftover funds from the sale of her former home.

As part of the Annual Planning Centrelink Service, we now act as Anne’s Centrelink “confidential representative”, providing social security support, advice and providing legislative updates periodically.