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John Nielsen

John Nielsen

“Thanks to FLP, I now have peace of mind as a result of their management of my investments. Staff who are courteous and competent, leave no stone unturned in delivering a first class service".

John, who was looking for advice on retirement and how to maximise his financial position, heard about us when listening to our fortnightly Financial and Life Planning Segment on Radio Eastern.  The topic discussed was on “The New Retirementality” and importance of staying physically and mentally active in retirement. This struck a chord with John.

When we met with John, we discussed how retirement is a long-term proposition of 30+ years and to be aware of not being too short term in your planning.  We explained to John we know through experience for funds to last the journey, your retirement funds need to work harder for you.  For this reason, in addition to super assets invested we had advised John to have his cash funds work harder for them in retirement.

On retiring, John took ‘The New Retirementality” on board and has decided to work casually with his former employer. Under the Work Bonus, John’s first $250 earned per fortnight is not assessed under the Age Pension Income Test.