About Us

Our History

Our History

Financial Lifestyle Partners has evolved out of experience gained over more than 30 years in the financial planning industry. As a leading boutique financial planning business, we provide advice and guidance to help our clients meet their financial, lifestyle and business goals.

Craig Ralph and the team at Financial Lifestyle Partners has designed a unique approach to client service standards and professional culture. One of our many points of differentiation is delivering high quality service and advice on a “fee for service” basis.

In 1994, Craig developed a strong desire to embrace a fee for service model. Craig engaged the services of several industry experts, along with his own innovative concepts and ideas, to develop what has proven to be an unsurpassed standard of client service delivery. Then in 1997, we were one of the first to launch a fee for service client model.

Financial Lifestyle Partners and its advisers are Authorised Representatives of Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd ABN 54 139 889 535 AFSL 357306, http://fortnum.com.au

Our Expert Team

The team at Financial Lifestyle Partners draws upon their extensive experience in the financial services industry. With our ongoing commitment to research and the highest standards of service delivery, our clients are delighted with the advice and ongoing support we provide.
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Our Process

At our initial meeting, we take you through our proven process that begins with a thorough understanding of you, your goals and what you want your future to look like.
Once we understand where you want to be in the future, we then build strategies to help you get you there. At this point, we agree on an initial fee to commence the construction of our advice.
We present our advice in an easy to follow way, showing you how our advice can achieve your life goals.
We take away all the stress by setting up the recommended financial strategies on your behalf.
A great Financial & Life Plan is only the beginning. It is through our ongoing strategic advice services, we can make the necessary changes to your strategies and investments when you need them most.

Our Client Philosophy

Our client philosophy at Financial Lifestyle Partners is:

“It’s all about you”

For many years, our team has continued to develop a process that successfully integrates financial and life planning. Financial planning starts where life planning ends.

Our experiences are that our clients see the wisdom in developing a plan to enjoy their money. Rather than “using your life to make money, use money to make your life”.

Our purpose is to provide the strongest possible relationship and framework via three key roles of Partner, Coach and Educator.

Our Client Philosophy


As partner, we invest in the relationship by getting to know you as individuals. A partner is equivalent to a co-pilot who shares your life journey.


We are applying for the role of your “Financial & Life Planning Coach”. We provide the motivation & discipline in holding you accountable to achieving your lifestyle goals.


Keeping you fully informed with our unique communication philosophies. Most importantly we explain financial concepts in "plain language".

Our Investment Philosophy

  • For over 30 years our Investment Philosophy is built on achieving sustainable long term results through our Active Portfolio Management.
  • Under our management services, we look to maximise market opportunities and inefficiencies. Through the use of a Managed Discretionary Account Service, we are able to provide our clients with greater responsiveness to market changes, allowing for more proactive asset management.
  • We focus on improving risk versus return characteristics through diversifying and incorporating assets which perform differently in different environments.
  • We have avoidance of emotion when guiding your investment decisions. Our professional advice services take the emotion out of a typical DIY investor decision making process to sell or buy an investment, which is usually based on ‘greed’ or ‘fear’.
  • We conduct regular reviews of underlying investments through our Investment Committee that is in line with Financial Lifestyle Partner’s Investment monitoring framework.

Our Community

Over a long period of time, Financial Lifestyle Partners has been actively involved in the community. Currently, we sponsor the Ringwood Bowls Club. In most recent years we also sponsored our local Community Radio Station, Eastern FM 98.1.

Not only were we a financial contributor to the Community Radio Station, but we also dedicated our time by hosting a fortnightly Financial and Life Planning segment.

Our staff members are all actively involved in various community groups, including rotary, sporting clubs and schools.