Personal Financial & Lifestyle Service

Personal Financial & Lifestyle Service

Our Personal Financial & Lifestyle Service provides you with comprehensive annual planning meetings to revise and update your recommended strategies, investment portfolio as well as your life planning goals, needs and objectives.

Our Personal Financial & Lifestyle Service is most suited to portfolios of $300,000 or more.

We will act as your “personal investment, financial and lifestyle intermediaries” in completing the following:

  • Review your personal circumstances and investment portfolio yearly, recommending any changes to assist you in achieving and maintaining your financial and life planning goals;

  • Ad hoc review meetings or other contact as required between Annual reviews as required;

  • Rebalance your portfolio between 5 - 10 times per year in order to seize opportunities in the markets and the economic outlook. We take advantage of our extensive internal resources and the external technical resources of our Asset Consultant, along with our own ongoing study and research to implement Dynamic Asset Allocation strategies;

  • Report on your investment portfolio, asset allocation movements within your portfolio and economic updates relative to your personal situation;

  • Ongoing Investor Educational sessions are conducted at your Annual Planning meeting;

  • Process your social security paperwork and act as your Centrelink “confidential representative” (where applicable);

  • Keep you informed with investment market updates and Financial Lifestyle Partners newsletters;

  • Invitations to attend client briefings from industry specialists along with other entertaining lifestyle speakers.