Working from home benefits

Recent lockdowns have caused businesses to re-assess how staff conduct their work. Research shows working from home “WFH” brings two-fold benefits.

Research conducted by Seek, identified 3 key benefits of working from home:

1. Better work-life balance

For employees, working from home means less commute time and replacing this with more time with your family or for leisure.

For organisation that offer “WFH” opportunities, research conducted shows that 92% of people feel work-life balance would affect their decision to change jobs or careers.

2. Improved productivity

Working away from a busy office can mean less distractions or interruptions, allowing employees feel more fulfilled in meeting their daily tasks. Equally for organisations this means greater productivity output.

3. Increased job satisfaction

Flexible working arrangements such as working from home are considered the top work perk by around 59% of employees, and those who do are reportedly more satisfied with their jobs. For organisations this can contribute to higher staff retention rates.


Source: (Workplace Tips & Wellbeing)