Kicking financial goals in 2022

3 Jan, 2022

After a difficult year of COVID disruptions and uncertainty in 2021, it’s a chance to now refresh and reflect on the year that was and hopefully set some goals for year ahead.

Changes to Income Protection

4 Oct, 2021

Since October 1, there have significant changes made to Income Protection for new policy holders.

Planning for Retirement

7 Feb, 2021

Planning your dream retirement can be an exciting time. The chance to travel, time or pursue new hobbies, the possibilities are endless, but what will it cost?

Setting New Year financial goals

17 Jan, 2021

New Year is traditionally the season of fresh starts and personal resolutions. Along with diet and exercise, getting ahead financially is often what many aim to do.

Is food delievery eating into your budget?

10 Nov, 2020

The Australian food delivery industry is booming, with the ABS reporting an 18% increase in take-away spending over just three years.

Knowing your Credit Score

8 Oct, 2020

Most Australians are only vaguely aware – or completely unaware – of the fact that credit-reporting agencies monitor their financial transactions.

JobKeeper Changes

1 Sep, 2020

The new rules to JobKeeper mean that from 28 September, businesses need to show their turnover has fallen by 30 per cent in the September 2020 quarter, compared to the same period last year.

Instant asset write-off extended

13 Jul, 2020

To further support Australian businesses through the fallout resulting from COVID-19, the government has extended the $150,000 instant asset write-off for an additional six months to 31 December 2020.

The Homebuilder program

1 Jun, 2020

The Government has announced the new HomeBuilder program to support jobs and boost demand in the residential construction sector at a time when needed.

JobSeeker or JobKeeper?

20 Mar, 2020

In a rapidly evolving response to the spread of COVID-19, the Federal Government announced in March a new suite of welfare packages to help Australians who've found themselves out of work. Among them are the JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments. Here’s a rundown of how they work:

The average cost of Christmas

19 Dec, 2019

With the cost of Christmas festivities rising from year to year, it can be a jolly expensive time of year.

How much is the average mortgage?

24 Oct, 2019

An average home loan is close to $400,000, which may sound impressive in some parts of the country.

How much should I expect to get back on my taxes?

24 Sep, 2019

The ATO refunds billions of dollars each year, so how much should I expect to get back?

When do we become a cashless society?

22 Aug, 2019

With tap and go payments how much longer will we be still using cash as a form of payment?

The cost of raising kids

16 Nov, 2018 | FLP

It’s only natural to want the best for the children in your life, but wanting “the best” for our children can often mean serious implications for the household budget.

10 tips to teach kids before 10

8 Aug, 2018

In a recent Radio Eastern Show, we outlined the 10 Money Tips to teach your kids before they turn 10.