The benefits of owning a pet

10 Oct, 2018

A research study by Beyondblue outlined some of the benefits of owning a pet for your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Australia's growing population

13 Sep, 2018 | FLP

The Australian population has edged past 25 million. What could this mean for the future financial wellbeing of everyday Australians?

Living comfortably in retirement

3 Sep, 2018

At FLP, we encourage our clients to live the life they want to live by developing a plan to enjoy their money.

New changes to Childcare

23 Aug, 2018

The New Childcare subsidy took affect from 2 July 2018, replacing the two previous payments - Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefit.

New downsizing strategy

14 Aug, 2018

Downsizing the family home is often part of the longer-term financial plans for many. New legislation now allows for a new super strategy.

3 Reasons to meditate at work

10 Aug, 2018

More and more corporate leaders and employees are finding a few moments to meditate during their work day. Find out why... 

10 tips to teach kids before 10

8 Aug, 2018

In a recent Radio Eastern Show, we outlined the 10 Money Tips to teach your kids before they turn 10.

Saving tips for first home buyers

20 Jul, 2018

Buying a house is exciting and life-changing; saving the deposit is a little less fun. But the more money you put down upfront, the less...

5 Free Fitness apps to help get through this winter

1 Jul, 2018

Mid-year is a reflective time of the year, you might be assessing whether you have achieved...

5 EOY Tax Strategies

14 Jun, 2018

With tax time just around the corner, we thought we will briefly outline some useful tax effective end of financial year strategies.